NBCCD Oy is a People's Republic of China public sector, political and business development expertise company located in the city of Ulvila in Finland. In Europe we assist companies, universities and public sector to develop their products, services and causes to become politically obtainable in the P.R. China. We understand Chinese central governments development and modernization projects and work closely with the stake holders of these projects. Made In China 2025 Industry Modernization, Vocational Education Reform, One Belt One Road cooperation development, EU-China Rural development cooperation, China State Emergency Ministry's occupational safety industry and technology development just to mention few examples.


Working with micro, small and medium sized companies and assisting them to communicate politically obtainable way with Chinese public sector.


Working with universities in the field of expertise exports, research and development projects.

Public Sector

Designing, creating and developing new public to public sector cooperation models and platforms between Europe and China.


Jukka Järvinen

CEO, Co-founder

+358 41 702 3533

We would prefer you contact us through our partners whos information can be found below.

Ruiyan Chen

CFO, CO-founder


in Ulvila-Satakunta-Finland Platform
USF Europe platform

USF Europe platform

We act as an expert partner and developer of the operating model from the perspective of Chinese protocols and Chinese state functions.

Contact person:
Heikki Perko
+358 44 710 5361



Working as an expert and a moderator between NingboHaishu and the City of Ulvila / The Regional Council of Satakunta / Prizztech. Opening new opportunities for cooperation in the modernization programs initiated by the Chinese central government.

Contact person:
Mikko Puputti
+358 44 710 5343

European Leader Association of Rural Development

European Leader Association of Rural Development

EU-China Rural Development cooperation

Contact person:
Petri Rinne
+358 40 555 3232

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